A series of three exhibitions, Everyday Life / Another Space (2009), Everyday Life / Hidden Reasons (2011), and Everyday Life / Off the Record (2014), was held at Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery. In them, everyday life was cut out from diverse viewpoints and expressed by different artists.
As a sequel, in this exhibition entitled Dream/Lands, “lands” such as nations, properties, or places are presented as works in the first of a new series of special exhibitions. The word “dream” connotes different meanings including “a dreamlike world (ideal, something enjoyable),” “a dream for the future (wish, hope),” “a nightmare (a world of ideas or images the brain shows while we are asleep),” and “dreamlike tales (ephemeral fabrications).” We hope you will enjoy the works embodying the two keywords land and dream by the artists, and the talk and performances given in collaboration with the exhibits.
Exhibition period:

18 December 2022 - 28 January 2023

Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00
* Last entry 30 mins. before closing
Closed: Wednesdays (December 21 and 28, 2022; January 11, 18, and 25, 2023) and the New Year holidays (Friday, December 30, 2022 - Wednesday, January 4, 2023)
Admission Tickets:

¥800 for adults, ¥500 for students and seniors 65 and over, free for senior high school students and younger
* Admission is free for visitors with disabilities and one accompanying caregiver

Organizer: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall [Kanagawa Arts Foundation]
Sponsorships: 文化庁「ARTS for the future! 2」補助対象事業
Supporters: アクセンチュア株式会社 芸術学部 ART FRONT GALLERY
Cooperations FUMA Contemporary Tokyo |BUNKYO ART, Hertz Art Lab, Mizuma Art Gallery, Property Holdings Development Group (PHD Group)

* We take thorough precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at all performances and exhibitions held at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall. Please be sure to read the notice on before your visit.
* The dates of the exhibition and other events may be altered. Please check our website or SNS for the latest details.


Born 1973 in Tokyo. BA in textiles from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 1998; MFA in fiber and material study from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001. Lives and works in Tokyo. Employing industrial-use sewing machines, Aoyama presents numerous works which expand the frame of the embroidery medium, by questioning the values inherent in humanity and labor within the continuing changes effected by modernization. Some of Aoyama’s recent major exhibits include “Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life” (Center for Heritage Arts & Textile, Hong Kong, 2019), “Re construction” (Nerima Art Museum, 2020) etc.

Just a piece of fabric
embroidery (polyester and luminous thread) on polyester organdy
© AOYAMA Satoru
Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery

Shiori EDA

Born 1983 in Tokyo. Oil painter based in Paris. Eda’s works are characterized by combinations of dramatic landscapes and women dwarf-like in size but portrayed in elaborate detail with a subtle touch. Humans are made to come face to face with nature, and while maintaining tenderness, revealing fear and violent elements of nature’s domination, ways of coexisting in symbiosis are captured. Eda took part in “Beppu Contemporary Art Festival Mixed Bathing World 2015” (Oita,2015) and won the Natsunosuke Mise Prize at “TERADA ART AWARD 2015.”

sky hole Ⅰ
panel, Japanese paper, gesso, oil painting
Photo by KATO Ken


Born 1988 in Osaka. The installations and videos employing vivid colors blend a bizarre and kitschy impression and humorous expressions, which unfold characteristic stories. Unlike their appearance, these works allow the viewer to identify emotions such as pathos, sadness, or evanescence in them, causing an imbalance. Sasaoka took part in an artist-in-residence program in North Macedonia in 2017. Recent exhibitions include Solo Exhibition “Planaria” (PHD Group, Hong Kong, 2022), “Reborn-Art Festival Altruism and Fluidity” (Miyagi, 2022), and “Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival” (Grand Front Osaka Umekita SHIP HALL, 2022)

video installation, 3min 8sec
Trafostacja1 (Szczecin, Poland)

Bunpei KADO

Born 1978 in Fukui. By combining routinely familiar objects, Kado modifies their original function or meaning and produces sculptures allowing the viewers to call new meanings to mind. Via projects employing vacant houses or classrooms, Kado has also been presenting installations incorporating the surrounding space as part of the work. In this process, he realized that science-fiction-like ideas lie at the root of works treating the theme of housing (living environment) and turned a story of his plan to move to space into a work. Solo Exhibition “The Ark in Space” (Hikarie, Shibuya CUBE 1, 2, 3, Tokyo, 2022) etc.

Nursery Plant
iron, sponge, artificial grass
Photo by KATO Ken


Born 1976 in Kyoto. Began producing video works from 1997. Imports vast numbers of photographs he has taken to his computer, which are cut out and superimposed to create videos. The process of creating such images and the resulting video remind us of the present state of communication or recording done through digital media and the Internet. Major exhibitions include “Home-Video Project: Tails Out” (Nakanoshima Museum of Art, 2022), “International Short Film Festival Oberhausen” (Germany, 2021), and Solo Exhibition “Nothing can be seen during a power cut” (Kyoto Art Center, 2016).

Another World -alternative
FHD-video, projector
Music by FourColor
The exhibition view of Shizuoka City Museum of Art, Photo by Keizo Kioku


Born 1991 in Nagasaki. Nihonga (Japanese-style painting) artist active mainly in Tokyo. Recent work has been developing around earthbound, a series of landscape paintings based on geographical features produced by nature. Spaces captured from multiple viewpoints are depicted in detail and joined together as a single work. The giant rock island depicted by Yamasaki is so distinctive that the viewer is seized by an illusion regarding the actual distance between the painting and the viewer including the vastness of the sea and the height of the sky. Recent exhibitions include Solo Exhibition “TAKARAJIMA-upaya-” (Hertz Art Lab, Tokyo, 2022) and “Whereabouts of Japanese Painting: Inheritance and Disconnection, Imitation and Creation” (Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, 2022).

polyester gauze / mineral pigments, dried mud pigment, gesso bologna, glue


Born 1974 in Tokyo. 2007 Post-graduate diploma in the Program La Seine of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, France. Lives in France. Produces videos and photographs of the everyday life of people living in places Yoshida is unfamiliar with. The themes he focuses on in such works are the lifestyle, culture, legends or myths of the past, traditions, and the human working and incompetence with nature. Yoshida has participated in international exhibitions and screenings all over the world from 2003. Major exhibitions include “Chukotka. The Reference Point” (The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, 2022) and “Landscapes of Loss” (COP23-UN Conference on Climate Change, Ministry of Environment Germany, Berlin, 2017)

Réprouvé (Castaway)
Calama, Chile / Jun 2018
FILM / PHOTOGRAPHY / Sound Installation, 4K, 7min 44sec
Sound Editor and Mixing: Thomas Ghazi

Artist Talk

The artists will give talks in front of their works in the galleries.

18 December 2022
Time: 14:00-15:30 (About 15 minutes for each artist)
Place: Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
Speakers: Satoru AOYAMA, Bunpei KADO, Yuriko SASAOKA, Yuki HAYASHI, Raizo YAMASAKI, Shingo YOSHIDA
Language: Japanese only
*We will tour the exhibition rooms, Shingo Yoshida, Satoru Aoyama, Yuriko Sasaoka, Raizo Yamasaki, Bunpei Kado, and Yuki Hayashi in order.



Nobuko Nakano, who researches and writes on neurology and psychology, is invited to give a talk bearing in mind “dream” and “lands,” the keywords of this exhibition, from a scientific viewpoint.

27 December 2022
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Place: Conference Room, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall 6th floor
Capacity: 70 people
Language: Japanese only
Free of charge, reservations accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, ticket for the exhibition required.

* Fully booked. Thank you.

Neuroscience / Ph. D. / Cognitive Science. Currently active as a researcher and writer on neurology and psychology. Nakano has a reputation for her analytic narrative on phenomena feasible in the human society and people from a scientific viewpoint. Ph.D. in neurology from Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo. Worked as doctorate researcher at the CEA Paris-Saclay, and after returning to Japan, has been engaged mainly in research and writing. Professor at Higashi Nippon International University, visiting professor at Kyoto University of the Arts. Board member of Mori Art Museum from 2022.


《I dream lands》
Aokid’s performances explore a wide variety of expressions. Performances of bodily expressions in collaboration with the exhibits will be given in the galleries.

9 January 2023
Time: 14:00 - , 16:00 -
Place: Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
No booking required. Free of charge for those with an exhibition ticket
* The performance is the same contents each time. It is a tour-style performance that goes around the exhibition room in about 30 minutes.
* Please come to the gallery reception at the start time of each session. We will tour the exhibition rooms, Shingo Yoshida, Satoru Aoyama, Shiori Eda, Yuriko Sasaoka, Raizo Yamasaki, Bunpei Kado, and Yuki Hayashi in order.

Originating from breakdancing, while still a student at Tokyo Zokei University, with improvisation in dance as the starting point, Aokid has been extending his methods to words, music, drawings, and events on stage, paper, or in the city. The scales of his performances are altered depending on the occasion. Ongoing projects include “Aokid city” (2012-), “Zoo” (2016-), and “Street River and Beer” (2019-).

György Ligeti

《Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes》
A performance, employing one hundred metronomes, created by the composer Ligeti will take place in collaboration with the work by Yuki Hayashi. Enjoy a visionary collaboration between videos of collaged photographs accumulating fragments of everyday life and the sound of the metronomes.

14 January 2023
Time: 13:00 - , 16:00 - *The event lasts about 20 minutes each time.
Place: 5th exhibition room, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
No booking required
Free of charge for those with an exhibition ticket

Cooperations: Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd., Private individuals

Gallery Talk by Curators

The curators will give talks in the galleries.

28 January 2023
Time: 14:00 - , 16:00 - (About 20 minutes for each session)
Place: Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery
No booking required
Free of charge for those with an exhibition ticket
Language: Japanese only
* Please come to the gallery reception at the start time of each session. We will tour the exhibition rooms, Shingo Yoshida, Satoru Aoyama, Shiori Eda, Yuriko Sasaoka, Raizo Yamasaki, Bunpei Kado, and Yuki Hayashi in order.

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